The Best French Songs For Learning French 🇫🇷


I love francophone music so I wanted to share the best French songs for learning French.

The first French song I ever heard was when I was 12 years old; Dis-Moi by a French rock band called BB Brunes. The way the singer sings is quite clear and I’d recommend listening to the song whilst reading the lyrics! Another song by the BB Brunes I like is Coups et Blessures.

When I started properly looking for French songs and artists to listen to in order to help my learning, I found Cool by Kendji Girac. This is such a happy song! The chorus is repetitive so easy to learn. A tip I’d give when trying to learn lyrics to French songs is looking up the translation. I found it’s easier to remember the lyrics when you actually know exactly what they mean rather than them just being a bunch of random words. Kendji has a lot of other great songs in French and some Spanish, my favorites being Conmigo, No Me Mires Más and Sonrisa.

One of the most famous modern francophone singers is Stromae, his name being French verlan for maestro! What I find quite funny is that Stromae’s real name is simply Paul. His songs have extremely interesting and original topics which is probably one of the reasons he’s so successful. His song Formidable is slow and one of the best for learning French. But I couldn’t pick a few favorites of his songs as I honestly love all of them!

Finally French rap. This is definitely not the easiest to understand but if you learn a little section of a rap song, say a chorus or a verse, you will sound so sick! Learning French lyrics like this is the best way to help with your prononciation and certainly with getting attuned to the rythme of the French language. My favourite French rapper is MHD! His songs make me so happy and I can’t help dancing and singing! I’d recommend Champions League, La Puissance and Never as the best french songs to listen to.

I can’t not mention Black M, Maître Gims, Sexion D’Assaut and Bigflo et Oli as other great francophone artists with the best songs for learning French!

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